Change Log


  • Added concessions_history as a replacement for specials_history. This uses a new model that extracts more data from the text in property website banners. specials_history has been marked as deprecated.
  • Deprecated lease_lengths, more accurate data can be found on the building_availability list.
  • Deprecated estimated_occupancy, advertised occupancy can be computed from the building_availability list.
  • Deprecated from building_availability, renovated, furnished, den, convertible. These are now available in tags.


  • Added price_plans to the availability_periods when possible to show what the final lease terms that were offered before the unit was rented.
  • Added tags to each building_availability object when possible. Tags represent standardized names for each amenity based on floorplan names, unit amenities and floorplan images.


Added number_units_prediction to the response from /property/{id}. This field is an estimate of the number of units in the building based on the listings we have seen, building characteristics and its location. Its intended use is to help you understand the building better when we don’t have the exact number of units. Perfect when filtering for example, but we do not recommend using it for financial analysis (where results are linear with the number of units).


The /property/comparable endpoint now has a 50 miles radius upper limit. This will help prevent the endpoint from returning unrelated properties when the search area is too large. Speedup the /property/comparable endpoint by up to 5x for some requests in suburban areas. A request might return an empty list of comparable properties if the subject is too different from evertything in the database within the 50 miles radius.


Include new amenities attribute to each unit object. These amenities come straight from property websites!


More realistic validation for parameters used for the /comparable endpoint. This will help prevent errors and improve the overall experience when using the endpoint.


Added availability_periods to each building_availability object to represent the periods this unit was on the market. Added period_id to each history object as a way to associate each price with an availability_period.


New Filters

The following parameters have been added to the /property/comparable endpoint:

  • allowNullNumberUnits - When used along with minNumberUnits or maxNumberUnits, it allows the endpoint to return properties with unknown number of units.
  • allowNullYearBuilt - When used along with minYearBuilt or maxYearBuilt, it allows the endpoint to return properties with unknown year built.
  • allowNullNumberStories - When used along with minNumberStories or maxNumberStories, it allows the endpoint to return properties with unknown number of stories.

By default, using any of the following filters will exclude properties with unknown values for the respective field:

  • minNumberUnits
  • maxNumberUnits
  • minYearBuilt
  • maxYearBuilt
  • minNumberStories
  • maxNumberStories

More granular settings for renovation

  • Added the renovations parameter to the /property/comparable endpoint - A float between 0 and 1 you can set to boost overall quality score and account for renovations. For example, a value of 0 means no renovations, while a value of 0.3 increases the subject’s overall quality score by 30% (a pretty heavy renovation)


  • The /property/comparable supports minDistance (in miles)
  • The /property/comparable accepts a simple_subject object with a simplified version of the subject property. This is useful when you don’t have all the details of the subject property, but you have a simplified version of it.


  • /property/search now supports ZIP+4 formatted zip codes for zip_code query parameters. For example, 90210-1234 is now a valid zip code.


  • Better error message when an api key is provided but has no access to the requested endpoint


  • New POST endpoint on /property to insert a new building on the platform


  • Increased accuracy and fill rate for floors on unit details (items of building_availability), thanks to a new approach to extracting them from unit names.


  • Deprecated specials field on PropertyDetails. Use specials_history on the same object to get the full history of specials instead.


/property/comparables additions: Added avg_quality and number_stories fields to aid in confirming comparable properties. 2024-02-14

API documentation revamp: New documentation launched for enhanced developer experience, including the latest updates, deprecations, and features. Endpoint migration: /rentsource/* endpoints are deprecated but remain accessible via /property/* endpoints. /property/comparables filtering expansion: Added minNumberUnits, maxNumberUnits, minYearBuilt, and maxYearBuilt filter parameters.